September Dinners


Avocado Chicken Bake (oven)

Cost: $16.00

Diced chicken with Cheddar cheese, creamy avocado, and egg noodles mingle with our seasoned chicken sauce, baked for a mouth watering dish to remember. Take home a pan of our signature English Toffee Brownies!

BCT Breakfast Bake(oven)

Cost: $14.50

Bacon, bacon, bacon, along with Pepperjack cheese, tomatoes, & eggs, are a winning combination in this scrumptious brunch which doubles as a great evening meal! Made with Italian bread, customers ask for this one often! Apple Crisp for dessert? Yes, please!

Citrus Cod (oven)

Cost: $16.50

When you are looking for quick and light, our healthy cod is your answer! Delicately flavored with orange and lime, coated with seasoned panko crumbs & quickly baked in your oven, this is a dish that even your fish-finicky family will enjoy! Take home a pound of our Blue Cheese Slaw to enjoy with this!
Dessert? Salted Caramel Fudge Brownies!,


Coffee Rubbed Pork Medallions (stove top or grill

Cost: $12.50

Pork tenderloins are sliced and rubbed with this wonderful concoction that has a blend of enticing seasonings including Mexican coffee, unsweetened cacao, chili powder, coriander, and sage. If you love this, (and I think you will!) we also sell the rub here. This pork will be very good with our Twice Baked Potato Casserole and Cappuccino Fudge Brownies for dessert!

Cuban Chicken ( stove top)

Cost: $16.00

Simmered quickly on your stove top, this unique meal” has strips of chicken breast, along with plump raisins & green olives, peppers & onions, cooked in a savory tomato-wine sauce. Very nice on rice, which we include!
And for dessert? Apple Crisp!


Green Chili and Cheese Stuffed Meatloaf (oven)

Cost: $15.50

All dressed up and ready to impress your family or friends! This meatloaf has seasoned ground beef, and snuggled inside are diced green chilies and Colby-Jack cheese. We then top it off with salsa! Try our Twice Baked Potato Casserole to complete this wonderful dinner. Dessert? English Toffee Brownies!

Shrimp & Asparagus Crustless Quiche (oven)

Cost: $17.00

Great for dinner or Sunday brunch! Three cheeses with plump shrimp & fresh asparagus, this crustless quiche is easy and so good! Take home a pound of our Blue Cheese Slaw and save room for our fabulous Cappuccino Brownies!

Sloppy Joe Stuffed Green Peppers (oven)

Cost: $16.50

Fun new twist with two of our favorites combined! We are making our own sloppy joe mixture with ground beef, sauteed onion, and mixing in cottage cheese and shredded cheddar cheese. Blue Cheese Slaw sounds very tasty with this, along with English Toffee Brownies for dessert!

Spinach Lasagna (oven)

Cost: $16.00

This lasagna tastes so good, you’ll forget that you are making a healthy choice! Plenty of sauteed mushrooms, onions, and fresh spinach are layered with Lasagna noodles, Mozzarella and Parmesan cheese with a rich marinara.! Our Garlic Bread is very good with this meal! Cappuccino Brownies for dessert? Yes please

Turkey Pot Pie (oven)

Cost: $16.00

Just like Grandma used to make with lots of diced turkey breast with carrots, celery, potatoes, onions, and peas, all covered in our creamy chicken sauce, and topped with puff pastry. Apple Crisp for dessert?  Of course!

Side dishes

Apple Crisp (ready)

Cost: $9.00

All baked with spiced apples and a nice oatmeal crumb topping! Just heat if you like and add your own ice cream or whipped cream 🙂

Blue Cheese Slaw (ready/fresh only)

Cost: $4.50

Tangy sauce with Blue Cheese Crumbles make this cole slaw so flavorful!

Cappuccino Brownies (9 x 6 pan, ready)

Cost: $9.00

Coffee, coffee, coffee!  Espresso is in the fudgy brownies, in the chocolate ganache, and even in the powdered sugar on top.  You may want more than 1 pan!

English Toffee Brownies (ready)

Cost: $9.00

These gems have been our signature brownie since our start back in 2006!  Rich fudge brownies are topped and baked with chopped Heath Bar and chocolate chips!  Very yummy!

Garlic Bread (oven)

Cost: $4.50

This is a full loaf of Italian bread, sliced and brushed with a  blend of butter, chopped garlic, and parsley.

Salted Caramel Fudge Brownies (ready)

Cost: $9.00

These amazing fudge brownies are topped with caramel sauce and a little sea salt and if that isn’t quite enough, we then finish with a rich chocolate ganache!  These are pretty addictive, consider yourself warned!  🙂

Twice-Baked Potato Casserole (oven)

Cost: $5.50

Potatoes are riced and mixed with butter, sour cream, cheese, and sauteed onions.  All ready to bake without any of the lengthy prep and messy cleanup!