August Dinners


Bacon & Tomato Quiche (oven)

Cost: $15.00

Bacon & Tomato Quiche (oven)
Whether for Tuesday dinner or Sunday brunch, this crustless quiche fits the occasion! Three cheeses with tasty bites of bacon and juicy diced tomatoes, just sit down and relax! Dinner is in the oven. English Toffee Brownies for dessert? Yes please

Cajun Red Beans with Andouille Sausage (crock pot or stove top)

Cost: $15.00

Come home to the mouth-watering aroma of Louisiana style sausage & beans simmering in your crock pot, with tomatoes, peppers, onions, & rice. We’ll make it as spicy or mild as you like!
Very nice with our Sour Cream Cornbread. Save room for our Cappuccino Fudge Brownies


Chili-Lime Buttered Cod (oven)

Cost: $16.00

Nutritious eating need not be boring! Olive oil and a little butter combine with lime juice and a blend of seasonings to give this North Atlantic Cod a savory aroma which is only outdone by its wonderful flavor! Nice with our Fresh Dill Potato Salad and Maple & Bacon Baked Beans!  Lemonade Poke Cake for dessert? Of course!




Creamy Cilantro Shrimp & Noodles Casserole (oven)

Cost: $17.50

This dinner has become one of our most requested! Creamy Cilantro Sauce with black beans, tomatoes and scallions, and a little jalapeno blanket plump shrimp, all mixed up with linguine and topped with Jack cheese for a memorable meal! Garlic Bread goes great with this meal and of course
And of course, Lemonade Poke Cake for dessert!


Ham & Cheese Crock Pot Casserole (crock pot or stove top)

Cost: $15.00

Just like Mom used to make. With diced ham and potatoes, corn, and sweet bell peppers, all in a light dill cheese sauce, this dish will bring your family to the table for an old-fashioned country meal. And for dessert? Salted Caramel Fudge Brownies, of course!

Happy Camper’s BBQ Bacon Chicken (grill)

Cost: $16.00

Boneless chicken breasts with chopped bacon and bbq sauce , seasoned potatoes with red onion, and of course Cheddar cheese to top it, all wrapped up in foil packets for your camping excursion or just your backyard bbq! Take along a pan of our Lemonade Poke Cake!

Meatball Sandwich Casserole (oven)

Cost: $17.00

Plump meatballs in marinara sit atop cream cheese whitewashed cubes of Italian bread and then topped with Mozzarella. This one is a favorite for kids of all ages.
Save room for English Toffee Brownies!

Russian Apricot Chicken (stovetop)

Cost: $16.00

Who knew that apricot preserves and Russian dressing worked so well together? We did! This dinner is very flavorful with boneless and skinless chicken breasts simmered in spiced fruit sauce. Nice over rice, which we include Perhaps Salted Caramel Fudge Brownies for dessert?


Strawberry Filled French Toast with Streusel Topping (oven)

Cost: $15.00

Bring on the strawberries! Thick-sliced Italian bread, bursting with scrumptious fresh strawberries and cream cheese, topped with streusel and baked with Vermont Maple Syrup, it’s a favorite

Tarragon Chicken Salad (fresh only/ready-1lb)

Cost: $10.00

Sagewood North Cafe’s favorite sandwich is now available for you to take home for sandwiches or as a salad topper! Diced chicken breast with celery, pecans, golden raisins, and tarragon are all mixed together with mayo.! We are happy to fix you a fresh tossed salad for as many or few as you like when you pick up your meals! Salted Caramel Fudge Brownies for dessert? Of course!

Side dishes

Cappuccino Brownies (9 x 6 pan, ready)

Cost: $8.75

Coffee, coffee, coffee!  Espresso is in the fudgy brownies, in the chocolate ganache, and even in the powdered sugar on top.  You may want more than 1 pan!

English Toffee Brownies (ready)

Cost: $8.75

These gems have been our signature brownie since our start back in 2006!  Rich fudge brownies are topped and baked with chopped Heath Bar and chocolate chips!  Very yummy!

Fresh Dill Potato Salad (ready/fresh only)

Cost: $4.50

Fresh dill makes this potato salad yummy, along with plenty of chopped eggs, celery, green onions, dill relish, and a nice mixture of Dijon & seasoned mayo!  It’s a classic 🙂

Garlic Bread (oven)

Cost: $4.50

This is a full loaf of Italian bread, sliced and brushed with a  blend of butter, chopped garlic, and parsley.

Lemonade Poke Cake (ready, 9 x 6 pan)

Cost: $7.50

Perfect for a back yard cookout, this super moist cake is very lemony and is topped with Lemon Buttercream Frosting 🙂

Maple & Bacon Baked Beans (ready/1 pound)

Cost: $5.00

Perfect for cookouts or just dinner at home,  homemade baked beans are the best!  These are Northern Beans baked with chopped bacon & onion, fresh ginger, molasses, and of course Vermont maple syrup.

Salted Caramel Fudge Brownies (ready)

Cost: $8.75

These amazing fudge brownies are topped with caramel sauce and a little sea salt and if that isn’t quite enough, we then finish with a rich chocolate ganache!  These are pretty addictive, consider yourself warned!  🙂

Sour Cream Cornbread (oven)

Cost: $4.50

It’s all ready for you to bake!  Sour cream is added to this classic cornbread to keep it moist and (mostly) crumble free!